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Psychic Intuitive Medium

I am a psychic, medium, intuitive teacher, healer, Aromatherapist and Heart Math Coach in Humboldt, CA.

I offer casual, comfortable, and upbeat psychic readings that are held in a sacred space of confidentiality.  I collect information on your behalf by communicating with source and your spiritual guide system.  From here spirit leads us where we need to go offering encouragement, tools, insight, and healing modalities.

I inherited my psychic abilities from my father and began connecting with the supernatural at a young age.  After working with a teacher for over 11 years I began my own practice in Northern California where I presently live with my husband, the ocean and the redwood forest.

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Psychic Intuitive Energy Healer

I am a psychic intuitive energy healer, spirit medium, and sound healer on the island of Kaua'i.

I have the ability to see how your energy directly effects the physical boy, the events unfolding in your life, and the dynamics within your relationships.  I can help give you insight into what may be aiding or hindering your journey, then bring your energy back into balance assisted by the power of sound.

I had a Kundalini awakening in the year 2000 where the realms between shadow and light opened up to me and my psychic abilities turned on full force.  It is through my experiences within this spectrum of awareness that I was able to harness my gifts and share them with others.  Life itself became my spiritual school and my experiences were my greatest teacher.

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Now accepting listener submissions for:

Submission For "Paranormal Stories"


~ A great first hand, personal, true story on any "paranormal" topic. (Example: ghosts, hauntings, near death experiences, aliens, UFO encounters, fairies/elementals, big foot, strange creatures/cryptids, vortexes, angels, demons, time glitches, orbs, premonitions, past life recall, coincidences, or anything else odd & interesting.)

~ 7 Minutes or less (Practice delivery to fit within the time limits please, No exceptions! )


~ Clear/clean Audio Recording (Speak up into your recording device or microphone)


~ Include your name/location at the beginning if you want, do not include this information if you wish to remain anonymous.

~Submissions must be received by Thursday, October 13th, 2022 @ 11:59PM HST 

If your story is chosen for the episode, you will be informed via email.

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