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Chakra Exploration Course


We, Psychic Intuitives, Patty Davis of Wing and Aether and Jude Lynch of Align and Shine Kauai are pleased to announce our New Chakra Exploration Course!

This dynamic, seven class course will offer an in depth introduction to each of the seven major chakras within our bodies and how they represent and influence all aspects of our being including the physical, mental, energetic and spiritual.

As we explore the chakra system we will be discussing their affect on our abilities to ground and center, form positive relationships, find empowerment, receive love and manifest our desires. 

A deeper connection and knowledge of your chakra’s will help you clear stagnant or negative energy, initiate self healing, control empathy and set boundaries, connect with your spiritual guide systems, better develop and trust your intuition and psychic abilities, and develop a stronger sense of self knowledge, self-love, self-respect and empowerment.


During this course we will be introducing tools such as crystals, stones, essential oils, altars, chanting, intention setting, affirmations, color, sound healing and meditation.





Chakra Exploration Class Includes:


Weekly 90 minute, interactive webinars, each with both Jude and Patty  

A weekly guided meditation and sound healing 

Interactive group platform


*Each gathering, meditation and sound healing will be recorded and accessible for the duration of the course should you miss a class or wish to review.

*space is limited


It is our intention to hold a space of expansion and exploration where we gather with like minded individuals in a trusted, safe and fun environment.

We are expecting joy, laughter, “a-ha” moments and possibly a few necessary tears along the way as we form a coven of support and growth.



Cost and Dates:

Chakra Exploration Class          $350.

January 7th

January 14th

January 21st

January 28th

February 4th

February 11th

February 18th


These are all Thursdays at 1:00pm Pacific Time  and 11:00am Hawaii time



Between the two of us, we offer more than 13 combined years of wisdom as professional psychic intuitives along with our own personal spiritual experiences and encounters. 


We will be offering information from two different educational and personal backgrounds, perspectives and areas of expertise.  We are excited to build upon each other and discover new view points and breakthroughs ourselves during this process. 


We look forward to working and exploring with you!

Love and Light,

Jude and Patty


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