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Inner Connection Retreat

October 7th - 9th, 2022
Knoxville, Illinois 

Please consider joining us for our powerful Inner Connection Retreat on a beautiful, private, 22 acre property in the state of Illinois. We will be opening a portal for healing, balancing and self-connection on a profound level.  This healing space will include spiritually guided workshops, Ayurvedic practice principals and exploration, Sacred Sound Healing and Cacao Ceremony, yoga, meditation, ritual, community, love and support. Our three experienced practitioners will guide you and hold space as you realign with your divine self and deepen your connection with spirit.

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Patty Davis

Psychic Intuitive 

Medium & Aromatherapist

IG: @wingandaether


Judea Lynch

Psychic Intuitive Energy Healer

Sound Therapist & Yoga Instructor

IG: @alignandshinekauai


Kathryn Stoerzbach

Ayurvedic Practitioner

Health Educator &  Coach

IG: @anelementalpractice


308 Division Street

Knoxville, IL 61448

The Inner Connection Retreat will be held at a serene, spacious private property with a creek and ponds, rolling green spaces and mature trees. This sacred property offers the healing energy of nature and is surrounded by wise, grounding timber.You will be arranging your own lodging in nearby towns and gathering at the property daily to immerse yourself in magic with other like minded people.  This is an outdoor retreat, please help us manifest pleasant weather and know that thereis a Plan B in place if needed.



3 organic, vegetarian meals

A celebratory Brick Oven Pizza Party

Healthy snacks and beverages

Sacred Sound Healing

Cacao Ceremony

Ayurvedic Workshops

Ayurvedic Asana practice

Manifestation Workshop

Manifestation Spellcrafting

Mantra Practice

Guided Meditation with Sound Therapy and Aromatherapy

Yin Yoga

Community Mandala

Ceremony, blessings and ritual

Love, support and connection



Friday, October 7th


4:00 pm ~ WELCOME!

We meet at the retreat property for our first gathering, have introductions and go over the details and protocols.  Patty will be offering suggestions and tools to help you feel comfortable and get the most from this experience.  Kathryn will then introduce you to her beautiful property and we will pause a moment to connect with the energy of the land before opening our circle with a welcome ceremony led by Judea.


5:00 pm ~ Dinner (vegetarian)

This will be our first meal together, starting off with a lovely blessing at our table.  During dinner, Kathryn will be handing out a questionnaire to help you discover your personal Ayurvedic Dosha. You will refer to your Dosha throughout the retreat as you are guided into your Ayurvedic Practice.


6:30-7:00 ~ Closing Day 1

Time to visit a bit before you leave to get settled in at your hotel.


Saturday, October 8th


Rise and Shine!

Sleep in a bit and enjoy breakfast on your own at your hotel or in town.


10:00 am ~ Arrival

Arrive at the land ready for a day of magical events.


10:30 ~ YIN & Sound

Judea will ease us into the day with morning Yin Yoga accompanied by sound healing instruments


11:45 ~ Intro to Ayurveda

Kathryn introduces Ayurveda, “The ancient science or knowledge of life”.  She will teach how your Dosha can guide you to a better understanding of self, your body’s natural rhythms and how to experience optimal health and well being through the ancient practice of Ayurveda.


12:30 ~ Lunch

Lunch is served outside under the sun. (vegetarian)

2:00 ~ Intro to Ayurveda II

Kathryn continues the conversation on Ayurveda with a deeper dive into this holistic practice and its offerings.

3:00 ~ Bathroom Break

3:15 ~ Manifestation workshop with Patty

Patty will guide a discussion on the ritualistic practice of manifesting your desires. She will help you recognize and move past blocks and open to receiving.

4:15 ~ Free Time

Free time to wonder the property, sit by the creek and journal, visit, meditate, nap in the sun or add to our collective mandala.


5:30 ~ Dinner

A light dinner is served

6:30 ~ Cacao Ceremony and Sacred Sound Journey with Judea

Judea will lead a cacao ceremony serving a beautiful blend of Guatemalan cacao.  The cacao will harmonize the group and set the stage for an intentional sound healing journey. Judea uses the power of sound and music to re-align our energy bodies and nourish our souls.


8:30 ~ Closing Day 2

We bid each other goodnight after a full day.


Sunday, October 9th:


Rise and Shine!

Enjoy a slow and easy morning rise with breakfast on your own at your hotel or in town


10:30 ~ Arrival

Arrive at the land.

11:00 ~ Yin Yoga and Mantra practice with Judea

12:15 ~ Ayurvedic & Natural Remedies and Asanas with Kathryn

Kathryn uses her knowledge and experience as an Ayurvedic practitioner to share remedies that she uses to help her clients harmonize imbalances and reach their health and wellness goals.  These remedies awaken your senses as they activate your immune system.


1:00 ~ Lunch Break

You are invited to eat lunch at one of the many restaurants in town, meet with new found friends, shop or explore the town of Galesberg


2:45 ~ Return to land


3:00 ~ Manifestation spellcrafting with Patty

Let’s get witchy with it! Patty will share the steps in proper spellcrafting and you will be making a magical blend to take home and use in your future manifestation rituals.


4:15 ~ Free Time

This is an excellent time to exchange phone numbers with new friends, discuss our experiences or simply relax.


5:00 ~ Chakra balancing guided meditation with Judea and Patty

Judea and Patty will be working together to guide you in a healing and balancing journey within your chakra system. During the meditation you will be misted with one of Patty’s spiritually channeled aromatherapy blends and Judea will be adding the healing vibration of sound to help you release what no longer serves you and usher in healing energy, light and balance.


5:45 ~ Break

Stretch and wash up.


6:00 ~ Pizza Party and Celebration!

Is your mouth watering? It will be when the brick fire pizza oven is lit and cooking our last meal together. This is a time to visit, share and tap into gratitude for new found friends, community, support and personal growth. Self-care and a spiritual connection is of the utmost importance right now and your commitment to expansion deserves to be celebrated!


8:00~ Closing Ceremony



* Please alert us asap of any dietary restrictions you may have so that we can accommodate you. Please note that The Pizza Party menu will include vegetarian toppings however, mozzarella cheese is not actually vegetarian. Let us know if this is an issue for you. Contact Kathryn at or (808) 346-4707 with any dietary needs.


* We are looking to rent Sound Healing Equipment! If you have sound healing instruments and are able to easily transport them to the retreat property, we would deeply appreciate you allowing us to rent them from you.






*A three installment payment plan is available for a $50. service charge. Three payments of 248.33 will be charged to your credit card. The first payment will be charged at registration and two consecutive payments on the same day the following two months. This payment option is only available for registration on or before August 7th, 2022.



To pay in one sum: $695.00




To utilize the payment plan: $745.00


*Retreat pricing does not include lodging or any travel expenses.



*The retreat and pricing does not include lodging or any travel accommodations.



308 Division Street, Knoxville IL 61448

Surrounding towns and cities include: Galesburg, Moline, Peoria, Bloomington, & Chicago, Illinois as well as Burlington and Cedar Rapids Iowa.



There is only one hotel in Knoxville, IL. The closest and most convenient housing accommodations will be located in Galesburg IL.  Below are the hotels that are in Galesburg.


America’s Best Value Inn- 1 mile to Knoxville IL 


Holiday Inn Express- 4.4 miles to Knoxville IL 


Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott- 10.4 miles to Knoxville 


Best Western Prairie Inn and Conference Center- 4.4 miles to Knoxville


Baymont by Windham- 4.4 miles to Knoxville 


Or you can try:





Quad Cities International Airport- located out side of Moline IL, 35.9 miles to Knoxville, IL


General Wayne A. Downing International Airport- Located in Peoria Il, 40.8 miles to Knoxville, IL 


Southeast Iowa Regional Airport- located in Burlington IA, 41 miles to Knoxville, IL


Central Illinois Regional Airport- located in Bloomington IL, 83.3 miles to Knoxville, IL


Eastern Iowa Airport- located in Cedar Rapids IA, 93.5 miles to Knoxville, IL 


Cedar Rapids Municipal Airport- located in Cedar Rapids IA, 93.5 miles to Knoxville IL


Chicago Midway International Airport- located in Chicago IL, 192 miles to Knoxville, IL


O’hare International Airport- located in Chicago, IL, 195 miles to Knoxville IL


Galesburg is the hub of a major Amtrak railroad station- 5.3 miles to Knoxville IL



Enterprise-5.3 miles to Knoxville IL 


Central Illinois Car Rentals-Deliver To You 



Yoga mat

Towel (to make sitting on the ground more comfortable)


water bottle

bug spray


light sweater

Sun hat and/or sunglasses

any item you may want to add to the collective mandala and take home after

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